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Marie McAneney
Hey all you wonderful Nurses out there in NZ I am a Registered Nurse, who proudly trained in NZ, and have been living and working in Australia since 1991. I am also a Transformational Coach/Consultant & Authenticity Activist. My purpose and mission is to provide Nurses with clarity and assist them to get to the heart of their true potential. I write articles, which are conversational pieces, on Ausmed. The main focus of my articles, is helping Nurses discover their true potential and authenticity. By giving them tools, I help them take responsibility for themselves, and I teach them to nuture their heart, so that they can deliver outstanding patient care. My business is called "Heart of Nursing", my website is For those Nurse who are interested, I have a daily video blog on my FB - Heart of Nursing Page, where I am creating a global following for Nurses. We would really would love some more Kiwi Nurses to join us. So come on over and say Hi. "Medicine heals the body.......Nurses heal the Soul ❤ Nurses we make a difference every single day, don't we. Our patients won't necessarily remember what we say or do for them, however they most definately will remember how we made them feel. Remember to nourish yourself ( put your O2 MASK on first) In doing so you can give optimal patient care. ❤ Marie

As nurses we sit in a privileged positions every day. As Plunket Nurses we have the privilege of being in families homes, seeing how they really live and what they may not usually share with others. Remember no matter what, being a nurse is special, so special. So when you feel you aren't making a difference remember you are, remember all the families lives you have touched and the smallest of messages towards better health impacts on us all. Keep up the fantastic, amazing work! 1% improvement every day!

Christina Roberts
I am a district nurse and think nurses are awesome people because all my patients think so. We sometimes only make a small difference but it can create a better quality of life. Keep up the great work nurses do and love our profession.

"Nursing is a Work of Heart" an inscription painted on a wooden plaque. .. Caring is intrinsic to nursing . This quality makes nursing a vocation - a calling to be an advocate for those in need, Well Done Nurses of Aotaroa New Zealand. You make a huge difference in people's lives.

Unsung heroes. Quietly and calmly always there. Be PROUD of your profession

Paula Mitchell
I saw Maddy had written YOU ROCK I totally agree It warmed by heart just reading this.

I am proud of the esteem with which NZ nurses are held here and overseas. I am proud to be a nurse. I take the praise given me for my kindness and time and patience. We are priveledged to support people at their most vunerable times, and we make a huge difference to peoples journeys and attitudes to their own health. We deserve pay parity with other high stress jobs. We deserve respect from our employers that reflects the publics' opinion of us.

Always an advocate

It takes special kind of people to become nurses. Being skillful and knowledgeable but also being kind and patient. Those qualities contradict each other most of the time but they are innate to nurses. Most of the time nurses are not appreciated in what they do but nurses still put you as the priority and keeps that smile on their face. Nurses, truly are a special breed of human being. God speed to you all

Marg Bigsby
I am proud to know many nurses working in different roles and areas. I count nurses as among my family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, and there are many whom I have huge admiration for. Nurses bring warmth and care to tricky times in people's lives via whatever tasks they may be there to do. And sometimes in the space between the 'doing' too. It's nice to know others have shared similar experiences of nurses too.

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